Tomorrow is Another day

eRRBBR3Tomorrow is another day….

Hey, Don’t be sad
Instead, be glad!
There is always a tomorrow
So hide your sorrow!
Today is gone
What’s done is done!
Precious goals to show
Golden opportunity for tomorrow!
Think about your dream
Achieve it and scream!
If you fail, try again
Or there won’t be any gain!
But tomorrow is unpredictable
It might not be favorable!
So I say,
“Enjoy your best today!”
Life is full of ups and downs
Don’t allow yourself to frown!
Tomorrow will be better than today
Or I believed so till this day!
Arshad Ahmed
Grade 5




I know that it was you,
Having fun everyday with you,
We have laughed so hard that we cried,
We feel each other’s pain deep inside,
We have told our darkest secrets with feeling no shame,
We always told the truth even if we are the one to blame,
If you are not with me it makes me so sad,
All the crazy memories just make me glad,
A friend in need is a friend indeed,
I always like to be in your heed,
You give me the courage to lift,
And you are my best gift,
We never fight anytime especially at school,
Because I know that we both are always cool,
We compete each other in different ways,
No one can forget those awesome days,
Best friends love and cherish,
They lift you up when you're near to perish,
The best kinds of people are honest and true,
The best kind of person, my dear, is you.
Arshad Ahmed